Monday, April 4, 2011

Balloon Painting Bunnies

Today we used balloons dipped in paint to make bunny art.

The balloon glides across the paper when it is covered with paint.  I really enjoyed that feeling.
Look how just moving the paint covered balloon makes it look like a bunny.  I see the nose and the ears.
Here's a bunny playing in the mud.
Multi-coloured bunny.
It's a fast hopping bunny!

Bunny friends.
Not all children were willing to pick up a balloon that was covered with paint.  Not so this little one.
The more paint the better.
 A friend suggested that I fill the balloons with different things.  The one the girl above is squeezing has sand in it.  Others had rice, water or air.
And she likes moving around when she works.  Notice the paint on the chair beside her?  Not a problem - it's washable paint.