Monday, January 28, 2019

Book Play - Brown Rabbit's Shape Book

 It is so much fun exploring books with this little one.
She loves books and I love bringing them to life, a perfect match.
 There have been lots of birthdays lately so I thought this would be a fun book as it has a present to open.
The present is a square box with a container in it.  The container has a circle lid and it is full of balloons.
 A big red round balloon, like a circle.
I had fun letting the balloons fly around, she didn't like it so much.
There is a purple pear shaped balloon, an orange oval balloon, a long rectangle shaped balloon and a multicoloured balloon that we thought looked like a caterpillar.
But she did like trying to blow up the balloons.
 After playing with them for a while, and letting the air escape, we finally left them expanded and tied them closed.

What is your favourite book to share with little ones?