Monday, June 10, 2019

Plastic Cups

I brought some plastic drinking cups for the girls to explore.
First they pulled them all apart.
They looked like they were wondering what do you do with all these cups.
Then they started to pretend to drink from them.
Next they tried to put them on different body parts
and discovered that they fit well on their hands.
So we sang a little song and used them as musical instruments.
They discovered that the cups are fun to kick, they don't hurt their toes and they make noise.
They also discovered that this size can be hard to pick up.
Once they mastered that they begun to try to stack them.
It was easier to stack them when they are upside down.
And they were worked so well together building a tower.
And sometimes carrying more than one cup at a time.
I left the cups on the speaker for them to go back to.
Which they did and kept stacking and unstacking.
Another simple item you wouldn't think of a toy but offers much fun and exploration.