Thursday, November 5, 2015

Infants and Seniors

               Yesterday was our morning with our grand friends. 
It started out with just one family but that one family drew in the seniors.
                               The attraction was twins.
  Word spread and more and more people came in to see, staff included.
That made the twins a little cautious and they stayed fairly close to mom.
In the hopes of encouraging interaction between the two generations I pulled
                              out a toy with stuffed animals.
It worked.  It helped that the girls have the same toy that they have played with
                            with their grandmother at home.
Soon the girls were exploring farther away from mom feeling a bit more at ease
                             with the many adults staring at them.
During the visit the grand friends asked questions about the twins, offered compliments and words of encouragement AND they smiled the whole time.

Dino Antics Day 4

I saw the dinosaurs, before the children arrived, measuring themselves with our
                                    magnetic wooden blocks.
I didn’t know they were into math.  We’ll have to challenge them another day.
Unfortunately it was very busy this morning so I didn’t see how the children
             discovered them but they did get some play time.
                   wanted sign
I’ve made up this sign to post tomorrow to encourage the children to let me
                         know when they find the dinosaurs.