Thursday, April 21, 2016

Math and Art with Milk Jug Lids

Parents have been saving milk jugs lids for me for over a year.
I wanted some more so I made a trip to the bottle depot centre where I 
could take as many as I wanted.
After they were all washed I set some out on a table with pans for sorting.
We spent over a week sorting the colours.
I kept refilling the tray in the middle of the table.
Some children loved this activity.
They would pick a lid then run around the table to find the colour match.
We finally got them all sorted.  It took a week because there were
days that the pans were dumped back onto the centre tray.
The trays were moved to the art table for the following week.
Don't they look beautiful.
The first couple of days the children weren't quite sure what to do
so I put the coloured markers on the table.
That helped
but it really took just one enthusiastic child and parent to inspire others.
I encouraged them to use other materials from the art shelves.
Wonderful images were created.
As well as toys were created like this bi-plane.
We still have a lot of lids left.
What to do next?