Tuesday, March 11, 2014


While we were learning about castles the children were quite interested in
defending it with axes, swords and bows and arrows.
       jan 28 010
I found a couple of plastic bows and arrows at a dollar store and we created
a target for practice.   During that time I learned that our local Fish and Game
Club has an archery range.  I arranged for a tour.
The members set up a few extra targets for us at the archery range.
     IMGP2739 IMG_1560
Our guide for the morning, Larry, talked to us about how the bows and arrows
were made.  He explained that the feathers help the arrow fly straight and why
they are two different colours.
    IMGP2740 IMG_1562
Larry demonstrated how to nock the arrow and the correct standing position. 
When he said “course open” no one was allowed to go on the other side of the
wooden plank.
                  Then it was our turn to give it a try.
After a bit of instruction and a lot of practice some of the children were
getting the hang of it and trying it on their own.
        I think she would have stayed all afternoon if allowed.
Not all the children could use the real bows at the same time so those
that were waiting made their own bow with a stick and string.
     IMG_1570 IMG_1581
The trick was to tie the string tight enough to make the stick
bend (they were fresh cut sticks).
               They took these home to keep practicing.

And finally the adults had a turn at using the bows.
Archery is a challenge but a lot of fun and another great activity to get us outdoors.