Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pete the Cat and Button Play

After our picnic last week where we acted out the story of
Pete the Cat and his Groovy buttons
I set up an invitation for the families to play with buttons
and re-tell the story.
There was a bit of button sorting but the interest was more
about Pete and his buttons.
Re-telling of a story is an important skill for our young pre-readers.
Learning the story by heart and beginning to recognize some repetitive words
was a bit of the work I witnessed this week.
This child was pulling the buttons off and saying "POP! OH NO!"
She didn't attend the picnic but I posted the video on our Facebook page
and her dad showed it to her and her older sister.
Her mom shared with me that after her oldest daughter, who is in grade 1,
saw the video she made buttons and stuck them to her chest with tape and retold
the story for her little sister.
I couldn't ask for a better outcome from acting out and sharing
the story.
One other thing that I noticed is that children are noticing buttons more.