Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boo Boo Butterflies

I found this great craft over at storytime katie and pinned it right away
knowing that I would be using it sometime soon.
We called them Boo Boo Butterflies
because you use a tissue and bandaid.
 A very simple craft that even the littlest ones can do
with little help.
And decorate.
I really like crafts that are this simple and I hear parents say,
"I could do this at home".
You could even do this in the car on a road trip.

Build a Butterfly Snack

We made butterflies for snacks today.

There were also raisins and cheerios to make designs on the butterflies.

An interesting conversation started when I asked 
"What do you think eats butterflies?"
The look on some of the children's faces was like what would eat pretty butterflies??
 We looked it up on Google and learned that ants, wasps, snakes, birds, toads, rats, lizards and most surprisingly - monkeys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bike to the Park 2012

Our third year participating in our communities Bike to the Park event 
during Bike to Work Week.
What an awesome turnout this year.
Families with children under 5 were invited
to meet at a local park.
 They arrived on all kinds of bikes and ride ons.
And had a chance to decorate them.

Then the ride began.
 Riding through the park, under the bridge and all the way to the playground.
Where we enjoyed snack, washed our bikes, songs and a story plus
  playing in the water park.
Thanks to all the families that joined all the StrongStart centres 
on this windy and wet day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snail Trails

On the weekend I had coffee with a friend that is in her last practicum
for becoming a teacher.
Lots of discussion about what is happening in our classrooms and sharing ideas back and forth.

I told her about our Snail Garden
 and that I was trying to think of a craft that we could do 
that involved snails.
From that came Snail Trails.
 I cut pieces of sponge and glued that into shells that I found at a dollar store.
We dipped them into white glue that glided the snail
across the paper.
I moved our Snail Garden close to the art table
so we could watch how they moved.
And we noticed the shiny slime trails they have left on the screen
that covers their garden.
We handled the snails more to see how they feel.
Did they leave a sticky trail on our hands?
Then went back to our art work and added coloured sand sprinkled 
with gold glitter.
Then shook the paper to remove any excess.
Some of the children added to their art work by drawing
and making stories.
 Each snail has it's own trail.
Are they having a race?
"This is a tree (on the left) and this is me (on the right)",
she said.
"The snail is coming to me."
A couple of little girls really enjoyed playing with the snails.
I look over and see all the snails gathered on their garden couch.
Then I saw this wonderful picture.

I love collaborating and I find it through blogging, peers and the parents
that participate in my program.
Thanks Sharon for brainstorming this idea with me.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fairy Village

We went for a walk in the woods today.
We went in the woods to create a fairy village.
Then we made fairies to play in the village.
The fairies explored the village.
We let our imaginations lead the way today.
Then we cleared it all away.

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