Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Emergency Vehicle–Ambulance

Another exciting morning when an ambulance came to visit. IMG_3746IMG_3755
Jason, the paramedic, brought in his Jump Pack to show us some equipment.
We learned that there are two sizes of blood pressure cuffs; one that was too big was for the grown-ups, the other was the perfect size for children.
We saw a tool he uses to see how fast a person’s heart is beating.  It clips on your thumb but doesn’t hurt.
Then it was time to checkout the ambulance.  There is a lot of equipment in that small space.  Jason asked if anyone has had an ambulance visit their house.  There were a few stories but mostly from the grown ups.
We made comparisons between all the vehicles we have seen so far.  The ambulance, police car and tow truck all have flashing lights.  The drivers part,
in all three, had lots of switches and buttons.
       But the most fun was pushing the button to turn on the siren.