Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Roll and Move

A new outdoor movement game that was inspired by a post over at Mother Natured.  They called it a wildlife movement die and provide a print out to make your own.  But I wanted to customize it to animals that live around us. 
  IMG_0210 IMG_0212
I also wanted to incorporate more literacy so added words with the action words
                                under each animal.
We headed out to the school yard and took turns throwing the die.
After reading the picture and words the children moved the same way.
IMG_0193 (2) IMG_0211
IMG_0209 IMG_4818
IMG_4813 IMG_0213
IMG_0193 IMG_0214
We added the second die to see how long they had to move.
IMG_4820 IMG_4823
The children loved this game.  Combining animals with free movement outside
             allowed them to move and move and move.