Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Going for a Bus Ride

      There’s a bus stop about a fifteen minute walk from our school. 
       Everyone was excited and walked happily all the way there.
While waiting for the bus I gave everyone a map to use as the bus tours us through the city.  I modified the transit map by adding little pictures of buildings that we will see.
We all got excited when we saw the bus come around the corner and
                                drive toward us.
          The children are free but they paid their grown-ups’ fares.
                        We filled up the back of the bus.
Using our maps we kept track of where we were and looked forward to what
                                 was coming next.
       We had to transfer to another bus half way through our trip. 
                 The second bus was bigger and had two doors.
Some of the places we passed the children recognized and told me what they do
                           there; like swimming at the pool.
Introducing the map encouraged us to look for and read signs. Learning that the signs tell us about each store.  We began to look for letters we knew and recognized.
Our bus ride was an hour long then we were back at the start.  A few of the children started to doze during the ride and needed to be carried back to the school.
                        Overall this is a great field trip. 
              I think we may need to do it more than once a year.