Monday, October 29, 2012

Fifty Shades of Hallowe’en

No this post isn’t about a certain book but on the many emotions that children
can go through during this spooky season.
                 oct 23 012
It is also about our role of helping children express their emotions. 
To give them the language to let us know when something is too scary
or that they are happy doing an activity.
 oct 26 008 oct 23 013
This post will show you some of the activities that are available for children
to explore emotions at my StrongStart centre.

The above two pictures show our sign in question from last week. 
Identifying what an emotion looks like on a face. 
Small mirrors were available for children to look at themselves and
to practice happy, sad, mad, etc.
         oct 29 029
This week’s question is more specific to their costume. 
Will it look scary, silly, funny or happy? 
Some don’t know the answer to this,
maybe they haven’t worn it yet and seen people’s reactions.

oct 23 024 oct 23 026
Another activity to focus on facial expressions was this large
‘pin the face on the pumpkin’. 
The pumpkin is laminated, the same with all the shapes for the
eyes, mouth and nose.
Rolled tape on the back of the face pieces make it easy to put on and
take off over and over.
oct 24 039 oct 24 040
Right beside the pumpkin is a plain sheet of orange paper and a basket of dark markers. 
The child can draw a jack o’lantern with whichever expression they decide.

 oct 29 005 oct 29 038
The next activity uses fake pumpkins and scary facial pieces. 
                      oct 29 063
The children loved it and none were even slightly intimidated with the looks.

oct 5 038 oct 10 044
We’ve had a lot of fun exploring different eye glasses and how they changed our looks.
oct 15 062 oct 15 063
Parents were wonderful trying the glasses with their children. 
For some children it gave them the courage to try the glasses on too.
oct 22 029 oct 22 027
Mirrors are important to have available so children can see their own reflection. 
To see themselves with the glasses on and know that they are still the same being.

                 oct 16 032
Lastly, we have shared many songs and stories that can evoke emotions.
The above is the story “The Great Big Pumpkin” and it has characters that we don’t see everyday; like a ghost, witch, mummy and vampire.  I notice that some children react when I change my voice to match a character.  They show apprehension, nervousness and may move closer to their grown up.

A song that we like to sing (because there's a screaming part) is called
"Sometimes I Walk in the Dark"

Sometimes I like to walk in the dark
I like to shout and scream
I sneak behind someone I know
And 'boo' it's Hallowe'en!

Although now all the children like the screaming part and after hearing it
once they are ready to cover their ears when we scream.