Monday, March 11, 2013

Cloud Hunt

Last Friday we had a beautiful sunny day to head out
                 on a cloud hunt.
Our Nature Bags were packed with a cloud viewer
  found at E is for Explore, clipboard, blue paper,
          cotton balls and a glue stick.
Before heading out we enjoyed Eric Carle’s
         book “Little Cloud”.

march 8 063
We walked across the school yard and set up some mats
    so we could sit back and study the clouds.
march 8 053 march 8 055
I listened as the grown ups talked with their children about the
names of the clouds and how you could tell if the weather was
going to be good or if it was going to rain.
       march 8 054
Then they dug out their cotton balls, paper and glue
march 8 057  march 8 060
and started to build their own clouds; rockets, cats, big and fluffy.

march 8 075 march 11 091
Then I shared one more book called “A Sky Full of Clouds”.  The children
took a smaller copy home.
march 8 071  march 8 068
march 8 077  march 8 076
           Clouds come and go, change shape and help us imagine.