Saturday, October 20, 2012

Icky Sticky Spider Webs

oct 18 001
Our last spider web creation was made with yarn and diluted white glue.
oct 18 014
I printed off several types of web prints and taped them under
clear acrylic plates. 
Covered the plate with wax paper and let them create.
oct 18 020 oct 18 027
The most difficult part for some was to put their fingers in the sticky glue. 
It was usually the one finger dip that I saw.
oct 18 026 oct 18 017
But others didn’t mind and dove in to create their web.
oct 18 015 oct 18 029
Either following the design below or creating their own.
oct 18 002
A big thank you to the grown ups that model how to
enjoy the art table.