Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Non Messy Cooperative Painting

Another StrongStart facilitator did this at her centre and posted it on Facebook.
I immediately loved it.  
Clear plastic shower curtain folded in half. 
Lay paper on top of first half of plastic.
Add paint.
Fold plastic over top and tuck in edges.
Ready. Set. Smoosch.

 It takes a lot of fine motor muscle to move the paint around.
We also attempted to write on it by using our finger for a writing tool.
 Because it is sealed the little ones could easily be involved.
 That was our second attempt.
Here was day one.
 I learned to use a heavier paper.
And to take the paper out the same day.
I had left it overnight and the paper had disintegrated.

Tomorrow I think I'll place cars and trucks on top and see what marks they will make.
Will let you know how it looks.


  1. Oh- this is awesome! I am now "pinning" your Pinterest-inspired idea!

  2. Excellent idea. I run a similar activity group to you in Australia - we call it playgroup and we are always looking for ways to introduce non messy art.
    Thanks for linking at Today at Play, your newest follower.

  3. Thanks Georgie, I would love to hear more about your program, like how you meet the needs of all the families that attend as well as the multi age factor that is involved.

  4. I made a painting like that back in grade school, drizzling paint on construction paper and covering with Saran wrap, loved that project. :D

  5. you can get a clear shower curtain at the Dollar Store!