Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3D Butterfly Collage

We ripped paper today.  Ripped it with purpose.
Interesting the children's reactions to that idea.
Was it okay to rip it?
Where are the scissors?
I think I'll set up a sensory tub with just paper to rip and see what happens.
But today we ripped paper to make branches and leaves for our butterfly collage.
We also used tissue paper to make flowers.
Bowtie pasta, which I had dyed earlier, for butterflies.
Corkscrew pasta for caterpillars.
And a few elbow macaroni was found and put to use as bumble bees.

We talked about placement of the leaves and blossoms.
Where do they fit into the picture?
On the branches?  In the air?
I had brought in a branch this morning for another project so brought that to the art table to see how and where the leaves were attached.
Thanks to No Time For Flashcards blog for sharing this art project.