Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Paint a Caterpillar

Can you see the caterpillar crawling amongst the leaves?
This is the first of our caterpillar art projects.
We used wooden rectangles, foam circle brushes and rolling brushes.

With simple materials amazing work can be seen.  This child spent quite a long time at the art table this morning.  Painting circles in a row for her caterpillar.  A bit of rolling mixing brown and green.  Then making a second caterpillar but notice how she did it.  First yellow circles then dipping the same brushes in blue paint she went over the same circles.  We noticed the colour changing to green.

 After gluing on googly eyes, she painted over them.  When asked 'why?' she responded "I'm making them colour blind.  So the birds can't see them."  Ah, camouflage.

She continued experimenting with the brushes.  Two in each hand.  Pushing them hard on to the paper.  Squeezing out the paint.  Dabbing them together.  Repeat.
So much fun to watch.