Monday, April 8, 2013

Yellow Flowers

april 8 068
      april 8 042
Back to school this morning after a two week Spring Break. 
Families were excited to be back and I had set up several new activities. 
So much I could post about but where to start.
                        At the art table. 
The weather has been wonderfully spring like so we are starting to focus
on growing, seeds, and plants.
         april 8 043
I placed yellow daffodils and marigolds on the art table, along with
green crayons, yellow paint, mini brushes and clothes pins with pom poms.

  april 8 045 april 8 046
I saw the children take different approaches to making the flowers.
april 8 058 april 8 031
Some preferred the paint brush to using the clothespin with pom pom.
april 8 059  april 8 014
Some saw and showed more stalk and leaf while others focused on the
        april 8 065
        april 8 067
       april 8 075
      april 8 064