Friday, June 29, 2012

Fishing Indoors

june 18 008We’ve been fishing for crabs, octopus, sea turtles and big and little fishes.

june 18 030
Deep in the ocean, through the water bubbles and sea weed.
june 18 025june 18 031
The little fishing rods have magnets on the ends and each little fish has a metal nail securely in it.
june 21 028Some that got away.

Part of the fun has been playing with the water bubbles 
and sea weed 
hanging around the ocean.
june 4 019   june 4 020 may 28 008
Exploring the water bubbles.
Touching and running through them.
  june 7 014 june 7 016
Reaching, stretching, grabbing and peeking through.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jelly Fish

june 21 041Our ocean window from the outside.
june 21 003Our art table prepared for making jelly fish.
june 25 054Use a piece of contact paper.  
Stick on colourful shaped confetti and streamers.  
Add another piece of contact or clear paper on top.
june 21 005june 21 002

Then play!
june 21 031june 21 032june 21 033
“Jellyfish, jellyfish, floating in the water”.

june 25 018

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Small World Garden Play

Come and join us in the garden.
june 11 001
You can sit in the shade under the umbrella, around the table set for lunch
or perch on a tree stump.
june 11 002Mamma and baby deer are here too.
june 13 038
Children tell stories through this type of play.
Either with words or by their actions.
june 14 009june 14 010
I imagine she is thinking…
“Bear is in the garden.
Oh oh he's wandering around the garden.
Does he smell food?
june 14 011june 14 012
Yum, yum, yum, bear is hungry.
 Here bear have some food.”

Even though she didn’t say a word she told me a story through her actions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parachute Play at Circle Time

 Lately there have been more families visiting with younger children and I noticed that story time has been a little noisier.  
Time to get more active.  
Out came the parachute.june 25 034
We have been singing Shoo Fly and it works well with the parachute.
june 25 027We walk in a circle as we sing
“Shoo Fly don’t bother me, Shoo Fly don’t bother me, 
cause I belong to somebody”.
june 25 031june 25 033
When we sing…
“I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star” 
– the parachute is lifted and the children run under.
Then they run out as we finish singing
 – “I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star”. 
They love it! 

A second song we sing is “I Have a Rocket” we learned it from our music teacher, Jill.
june 25 036
First we put little balls that we call rockets onto the parachute then sing the song.
“I have a rocket, I’m going to fly it to the moon. 
I have a rocket, I’m going to fly it really soon.
I’m going to make it fly on the count of
5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!”
june 25 039june 25 042
The rockets go flying and the room is filled with delighted screams.  The children run to collect a rocket, throw it back on and we do it all again.  

I wish I had thought of doing this earlier in the year.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Today for our special snack we had homemade banana ice cream.
The wonderful thing is that the only ingredient is banana.

Slice bananas and lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze.
Then put them in a food processor.


Keep blending it, stopping a few times to scrape the sides,
until it is creamy.
It is delicious.
We talked about different things you could add;
frozen strawberries or blueberries, peanut butter, chocolate...
Mmmm any extras you can think of?

 I found this recipe over at Come Together Kids.
Have a peek at her blog, you'll find many great ideas.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Story - Tops and Bottoms

"Tops and Bottoms" is the story I told at our Spud Celebration.
It comes in book form and I've read it to StrongStart families before.
But it's very easy to tell without the book.
The story is about a lazy bear and a hardworking rabbit.
The rabbit tricks the bear into getting the best part of the harvest.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dressed for the Oscars

Today was our school's final assembly and it has become a tradition to hold it as if we're going to
 The Oscars.
Staff and students came dressed up.
It was a lot of fun.
For the occasion, I set the craft table so we could make a little "bling".
Bells and beads, we've done it before and we'll do it again.
It's an activity that improves their fine motor skills.
From the first time doing this activity this year
to today
I've seen a big change in the children.
They've become independent in their choices
and capable of threading themselves.
When finished and dressed,
our principal led the school into the assembly.
And there was the red carpet to welcome all.
The countdown is on to the last day of school.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spud Celebration

Today we wrapped up our study on growing potatoes.
Over the last couple of weeks we've talked about different ways we can eat potatoes.
As you see from the above list, mashed potatoes was mentioned first and often.
So we, the teachers, decided to have a mashed potato sundae bar.
This idea was mentioned in our Spuds in the Tubs training session.
 Our sundae bar featured...
a scoop of mashed potatoes,
 sour cream, shredded cheese,
 chives, bacon bits
and surprisingly chocolate sprinkles which we called dirt.
Before we choose our toppings our big buddy teacher talked about our 
Spud experience.
StrongStart, grade 1 and our grade 3 buddies all participated.
We had 5 tubs and our harvest was about 200 potatoes.
She had samples of potatoes.
How they looked when they were dug out of the dirt,
then washed off,
then cooked and mashed.
It was a great visual for our littlest ones.
Time to pick our toppings
and enjoy.
 It was a big thumbs up delicious.