Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Like Firefighters

We had a very exciting morning visiting our local fire station.
nov 6 015  nov 6 018
The excitement was apparent on the faces as they arrived.
nov 6 019 nov 6 017
And by the clothes some children decided to wear.
                  nov 6 023
We were welcomed by fire fighters Jim, Brittany and Mario.
nov 6 027 nov 6 028
         We learned how to Stop, Drop and Roll.
nov 6 029 nov 6 031
       Remember to cover your face when you roll.
nov 6 102 nov 6 035 (2)
       Then we got to practice, even me (in the red).
We watched Mario get dressed in to his gear.  It weighs 85 lbs.
To me this is the most important part of the tour.
A firefighter in full gear can be frightening and intimidating.
Children need to see a fire fighter in full gear in a friendly,
non threatening situation, just in case they do meet one in a fire.
nov 6 059 nov 6 114
Most children were comfortable approaching Mario
nov 6 056 nov 6 115
but there were a few that were nervous and just wouldn't approach.

nov 6 071 nov 6 072
Next we went outside to use the hose.
We felt it when it was empty and flat and then when it was full and round.
nov 6 088 nov 6 089
A great experience was to turn the hose on and aim it at the building.
                   nov 6 094
Then we had to help squeeze the water out of the hose so it would lay flat again.
nov 6 099  nov 6 142
We learned that not all fire stations have a pole to slide down and that our station is mainly volunteer fire fighters that don't sleep there.
We learned that the red flashing lights are easier to see on a black or white fire truck than a red one.
We learned that you won't find a dalmation dog at fire stations in Canada.
The dogs were used a long time ago to clear the way for the horses pulling the wagon and not any more.

        Thank you for a fantastic learning experience.