Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catapults–Castle Defense

The children have been defending the castle by hand to hand combat with swords and shields, arrows and axes.  Last week I set materials and a few pictures of catapults on the art table to inspire them to think of a new way.
       feb 11 003
        The families were busy everyday creating new designs.
  feb 12 007IMG_0879

Here are a few samples of what they created.
 feb 11 009 feb 11 015
Wood block, tongue depressor on a clothespin.
 feb 12 018 feb 12 020
Tube, sponge, tongue depressor and egg cup.
feb 12 009 feb 12 010
Tube, elastics and plasticspoon.
feb 11 031 feb 12 016
Straws, tape, spoon and elastics.
IMG_0872 IMG_0873
Tissue box, chop sticks, elastics and milk jug lid.
IMG_0870 IMG_0883
I’m not sure what they used to build this catapult but it was amazing.

  feb 12 033
We used the shelf beside the art table as the shooting area. 
          Pom poms were used for the ammunition.
 feb 12 013 feb 12 015

Although many were tried right at the table to see if they functioned.
feb 12 028 IMG_0874
It was very exciting to watch the failures and successes.
IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0865

The children carried the idea of catapults over to this week at one
                             of our play trays.
             I set up a tray with a scale and little dinosaurs.
Each child that played with it placed a dinosaur on one side and hit the other side.  Not what I intended but was thrilled to see the follow thru of what we learned the previous week.