Monday, April 16, 2018

Watercolour Painting

Here we are painting for the first time using a little water colour palette that you can find at Dollarama, in their birthday loot bag section.
They come with a little brush, the perfect size for little hands 
(I used these often at StrongStart)
All you need to add is water.
Part of the fun is adding the water to the palette to make the paints come to life.
She did this for awhile before putting any marks on the paper.
I think it may have confused her by sitting at the table where, till now, she has only eaten.
She finally got the hang of it.
Dip in water, dip in paint, dab on paper and repeat.
Or try dipping your finger in the paint. 
Instead of wasting it by wiping it off, I showed her how to make
her finger print.
When it was done we gave it to her mom as a birthday card.