Monday, June 22, 2015

Snail Garden 2015

One of my favourite projects to do with the children, at this time of year, is to
                                       make a snail garden.
This year we planted it in our see-through sensory table.  I brought a piece of sod
                     from home and we filled in the rest with soil
IMG_6432and grass seed.

We used wheat grass seed because it grows fast and thick.
Every day we watered it and in less than a week our grass had grown and I
                         invited families to bring some snails in.
We had three; two bigger snails and one very tiny snail that we haven’t seen since
                                          the day it moved in.

Everyday we water the garden to keep it moist for the snails.  The grass continues to grow so every once in awhile we cut it.  Making sure the snails are out of the way
With the grass growing tall above the soil we could see the roots growing long
                 underneath the soil.  We also noticed a few bugs too.
We keep window screening on top of the garden when we are not observing the snails.
But we take it off frequently to see what the snails are doing, what they feel like,
        how far they will go and talk about the different parts of the snail.
         A table is set up beside the garden with information about snails.