Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fizzy Painting

march 4 002
Everyday this week we have been painting rainbows
different ways.   First was painting on sponges then
smearing it across the paper.
march 4 018  march 4 019
We’ve done this before and it works beautifully in it’s
looks as well as versatility for the ages participating.

march 5 003
Next was scrape painting. 
I saw this idea at The Imagination Tree and loved it.
I added playing cards and other brushes as well as
combs for the children to try.
march 5 014 march 5 042
The children enjoyed using the little spoons to drip paint
on to their paper then experimenting with the tools. 
Unfortunately one little child used the paint filled comb
the correct way ~ in her hair!
march 5 043  march 5 044
        Scrape painting looks wonderful.  We’ll be trying it again.

But today’s rainbow painting was the most fun so far. 
I first saw Fizzy Painting at Gift of Curiosity
001 002
            Science and art all mixed into one.
007  009
It was very exciting to watch the children as they went through
the steps of painting their picture then dripping the vinegar on
to the paint.
          Her facial expression says it all.

I just want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful bloggers that have inspired me and helped make my program interesting and exciting.  Many people ask why I blog and my reason is to share.