Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Animal Tracks

     jan 22 024
This week’s outside adventure was to the beach to search
for animal tracks.
jan 22 001 jan 22 021
There were several activities set up, the first was in their I Spy Nature Bag.
Find these birds; eagle and a seagull.
The children had an opportunity to use binoculars although it was easy
to spot lots of seagulls.
jan 22 107 jan 22 126
We finally spotted an eagle, it flew around above us before landing
on a telephone pole.
We have a lot of eagle’s here and it’s always impressive to see them.
jan 22 022 jan 22 023
There were lots of ducks on the water and as we were leaving we
saw Canada geese too.

A second activity was making tracks in the sand.
      jan 22 004
We did see tracks when we arrived, mainly from dogs,
but as we walked around we covered them with our boot tracks.
So we used these purchased plastic moulds.
jan 22 005 jan 22 007
By pressing the mould into the damp sand it left a print.
jan 22 008  jan 22 039
We mixed plaster of paris and poured it on the print.   We’ve done
this activity before but in the warmth of June and it dried pretty fast.
Not today.  It took almost the whole hour to dry enough to lift
without breaking.  We’ll do it again in the classroom later this week.

Another activity we did was inspired by Teach Preschool.
         jan 22 013
jan 22 119 jan 22 121
They picked the track they wanted and went in search of rocks, sticks,
shells, grass to recreate it.
jan 22 026 jan 22 124
Filling the bottom of the box with glue they were able to stick their
natural items on top.
        jan 22 040
jan 22 010 jan 22 136

Lastly we enjoyed a snack and story.
jan 22 138 jan 22 137
Mmm, hot chocolate, marshmallows and birdseed cookies were
perfect on this cool day at the beach.
jan 22 141 jan 22 032
I discovered this book about birds that led to a painting activity.
In the beginning they were all the same shape and colour – white.
So Mother Nature sent helpers to paint them.
jan 22 144 jan 22 146
jan 22 033  jan 22 035
After seeing the pictures of the variety of birds in the book they
painted their own bird.
 jan 22 038 (2)  jan 22 038

A fun morning learning out of doors.
 jan 22 105