Thursday, March 15, 2012

Follow a Rainbow

Today our buddies surprised us with a puzzle.
"Follow the rainbow string to ??"
So we followed it.
The rainbow string went through the office,
up the stairs,
through the library,
and the computer lab.
We had to stop once to untangle ourselves.
The end of the rainbow was at our big buddies classroom.
The grade 3s showed us their Leprechaun traps that they built.


 After they explained how their traps worked we enjoyed a story together.
 This is a new book to me.
Too Many Leprechauns or How that Pot o'Gold  Got to the End of the Rainbow.
It's a story of how Finn tricked the Leprechauns to leave his village 
because they made too much noise with their tap-tap-tapping
making fairy shoes.
Of course at the end of the story was all the gold at the end of the rainbow.
So I provided a bit of gold to share.
We've borrowed one of our buddies traps 
just in case a Leprechaun tries to make mischief 
in our room tomorrow.