Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emergency Vehicles Visit

After making our fruit box vehicles we were fortunate to have a couple
             of visits from people that work in our community.
    The first was the RCMP.  They brought two cars for us to investigate.
We looked over the outside of the vehicle and under the hood (learned the word ‘engine’) then opened the doors.  We noticed a lot of lights on the police cars.
Then we climbed inside and saw their computer and radio and imagined what it would be like to drive it.  We also sat in the back, which was a bit squished, and wondered who sits there and looks through the glass to the officers in the front.

               Then today a tow truck came to the school.
    This is a family run company with husband and wife as drivers. 
              They came to share their vehicle and job with us.
It was raining pretty hard so not many children came outside.  That is until
        they peeked out the window and saw my car being winched up.
The children were offered the chance to use the levers to lift my car up and down. 
Hmmm, a question for the children will be "how can we add levers to our fruit box tow truck?"
The driver showed us the hook that they would use to turn a car over if it
        had flipped.  We saw the winch working at the other end.
     But oh, oh, I locked my keys in the car!  How do they open the door?
It took him about a minute to open the door using special tools.  We got to
           play with the blow up tool (sorry I didn’t get the proper name).
We noticed these small wheels in the back of the truck.  What are they for?
Within minutes Damien had them off and under my car ready to lift it totally off the ground.  They are used if a vehicle has all wheel transmission or if the back wheels are damaged and can’t turn.
           It was an awesome way to learn more about emergency vehicles. 
I love our community that when asked they will share their time and jobs with