Monday, February 20, 2012

How Long Will Chocolate Play dough Last?

That is what I'm wondering.
We have been playing with chocolate play dough for two weeks now 
and the play doesn't seem to be stopping.
I made it with Valentines Day in mind.
Added heart shaped cookie cutters and cupcake liners.
The smell of chocolate drew the adults to play too.
The past two weeks has been the busiest in the house area because, I think,
of the chocolate play dough.
A huge benefit of the StrongStart program is having 
so many role models in the room at one time.
No matter how tempting the play dough smells,
we don't eat it, is what this parent is modeling.
Closer to Valentines I found these wonderful,
 real looking strawberries 
at a thrift store.
A teacher donated the empty chocolate trays 
and the play continued.
 The strawberries were also very tempting to try.
This girl was smelling them to see if they were real.
Something I learned about having chocolate play dough is
the smell attracts.
I need to look where else I can add aromas to our play areas.
Do you add any and where?