Monday, March 3, 2014

Dinosaur Dip

I found a dinosaur egg at the grocery store.  Have you ever seen one before ?
I know what you’re thinking “it looks like an avocado” well I thought it looked
                                    like a dinosaur egg.
That is what we talked about when we sat down to make our special snack.  Could this be a dinosaur egg?  Why or why not?  Most children were into believing that it might possibly be a dinosaur egg (I’ve never lied to them before).  While others new it was an avocado right from the start.  This little prompt allowed me the opportunity to talk about using my imagination.  I told them that I was pretending that this was a dinosaur egg.
Avocados are great for using descriptive words, such as; bumpy, dark, shiny.
     And even more when you cut it open - green, slippery, smooth.
  We scooped the insides into a bowl and gave them a good mash.
          Then prepared the rest of the ingredients.
   IMG_1160 IMG_1164
             Chopped onions and tomatoes.
            One last stir then for a surprise…
       Dinosaur teeth or toes, depending on who was talking,
                       to use to scoop up our dip.
     IMG_1174 IMG_1182 
                      Mmmm dino delicious.