Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday at the Pond

Our focus this week, at the pond, was water.
Some of the questions the children thought of last week were;
What is in the water?
What happens to the water?
Why is grass in the water?
With those questions in mind we started to explore.
The first thing we did was check the water level.
We measured with our feet how far from last weeks sticks, that we laid,
to this week's sticks, that we just put down.
When asked what happen to the water one boy responded 'it evaporated'.
Then we grabbed our equipment.
Nets, magnifying glasses and containers.
 Nets in the water and they quickly found the first bug.
I brought a library book for reference.

 Next we found a really squiggly insect.

A worm was found but the child was quite confidant that it was dead.
But she put it on dry land just in case.
And we continued exploring.
 Then one of the parents spotted a clump attached to a blade of grass.
We took a closer look and almost tumbled in.
 But we scooped out the jelly blob and put it in a container.
We think they are salamander eggs.
To finish off the morning we drew our observations.

This morning we were able to answer all three questions
from last week and came up with a few more.
Next week we'll focus on bugs.