Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Chicken Play

For the past couple of weeks the children have been playing in our 
chicken coop.
To see the beginning of this project visit Chicken Coop Research.
The day after we painted the coop we added nesting boxes.
Shoe boxes that the children brought in.
We filled them with chicken, duck and rooster stuffies.
There were a few baby chicks too.
Then we added eggs, lots of eggs.
A few baskets were needed for collecting the eggs.
And a bale of hay finished off the feeling of being in a barn.

As the children collected the eggs I thought of a way to extend the play
and interest toddlers in the play.
I brought out the silo we had use for a farm play last year.
The tube was used for feeding the animals
but today it became an egg production tube.
So much fun to send the eggs through the tube
and collect them on the other side.
And repeat, again and again and again.
One day I noticed that someone had taken the coloured rice from the sensory table
and dumped it on the bale of hay.
A mom told me that her little one wanted to feed the chickens.
So I brought out some bird seed and let them take care of that chore.

Next week our real chickens eggs arrive.