Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fairy Time at the Library

Our city library hosted an event this morning to celebrate
author Mary Murray's new book
My daughter and I dressed up and met a couple of little fairies
at the library.
There were a variety of activities to participate in making.
The girls decorated a placemat and made a bookmark.
Then Mary talked to the Queen of the Fairies and looked in her magic book 
to give each little fairy their fairy name.
 Amber Jewel and Blue Bonnet Berry
Then we talked about the Queen of the Fairies.
She's sitting in her rocking chair throne.
We had to use our imagination to see what she looked like.
The three of us decided that she had yellow hair, blue wings
and was wearing a green dress and purple shoes.
 There was dancing
and Mary read from her book.
I love these Leprechaun shoes.
Now I want to travel to Ireland to find some of my own.

We made wishes with these Fairy Wishing Stones.
And picked a Fairy Pop to take home.
A magical morning.