Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pond Study

Last Tuesday we started our Pond Study.  Part way through the morning we closed the centre and any families that wanted joined me at Little River Nature Park.
We will be going to the pond every Tuesday to observe the changes of the water,
                  trees, plants, animals, bugs and so on.
IMG_1897 IMG_1900
Our first job was to create ‘sit upons’ to help keep us dry when sitting on the ground.  They are made from pieces of cardboard and newspapers wrapped in
                 vinyl tablecloth and sealed with duct tape.
While we sat and ate a snack we listened.  We could hear birds and frogs.
This is a great pond for exploring because the water is fairly shallow with no great drop off, there is a beaver lodge, eagle's nest and so much more.

      IMGP2815 IMGP2817
The next job was to look at the water level and talk about how it will recede as the weather becomes warmer.  The question arose; “How will we know if the water level is different next week when we visit?”
We decided to mark the edge with sticks and stones. The park is used a lot by dogs and their owners.  I hope at least some of our sticks will remain till next week.
    IMG_1914 IMGP2821
         Collecting the sticks and stones was a great activity.
Using the sticks to poke at the water was fun too and we talked about what the orange fuzzy stuff in the water might be.  A goal for a future visit is to make pond skimmers and take a closer look at the fuzzy orange stuff.

   IMGP2827 IMGP2830
One last job was to make our own nature books and draw something that we saw.
   IMG_1926 IMG_1929
  IMG_1931 IMG_1933
                     We saw trees, moss, bugs and rocks. 
Their interests are the ideas we will begin to focus on in the coming weeks.
        IMG_1922 IMG_1925
We were very fortunate that our first day at the pond was beautifully sunny and warm.  It is suppose to be raining this week but it won't stop us.