Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Days

This week we are back at school after a one week Spring Break.
Usually after any holiday, when school is closed, families are very happy to get out of the house and come to StrongStart.  This week was no exception.
They came and they played.
Here's the room when we opened this morning.
Here it is mid morning.  Our grade 3 buddies also came to play.

Together we did ball-roll painting, super-sized.  Working together was exciting for big and little buddies.  The patience and awareness the older students are learning is heartwarming. 
And medium-sized ball-rolling. Many hands makes it easier.  Learning when and how to raise and lower the box was a learning experience for all.
We shared snack and played in the water table together.
Played and explored.
It was loud, noisy and a bit chaotic but it was so much fun.
What and who will tomorrow bring?