Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ocean Discovery

           may 28 003
Grace, for her main practicum project, has to do a two week project.
We decided to focus on the ocean.
may 28 004  may 28 005
I encouraged her to set up an invitation for the children to start thinking
 and talking about what they know about the ocean.
IMGP1180  IMGP1181
The children took some time to check out the sea creatures that Grace
had set on ocean blue fabric.
may 29 054   IMGP1183
They looked through the books provided and then she encouraged
them to draw which creature they are the most interested in.
may 29 053  june 5 005
As they drew, Grace talked with them about their pictures and discovered
that most of the children are interested in starfish.
IMGP1176  IMGP1178
She’ll use this information to plan activities for the next two weeks.