Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gingerbread Play Dough

You’ll find gingerbread play dough in many centres at this time of year.  A basic recipe of flour, salt, water, oil and spices make it ready in minutes.  But what’s
           special about this dough is the attraction it is to many people.
                dec 11 009
I believe the scent of the play dough, a very homey scent to many, is what draws
                           young and old to play with it.
              dec 18 003
Whole families have sat around the table rolling out the dough and making
                                cookies together.
     dec 10 041 dec 10 043
By providing tools that are real or very similar to ones found at home adds
                        authenticity to the activity.
          dec 12 027
Conversations happen around the table just like the dinner table at home.  We are learning about each other; what we like and don’t like.  Gingerbread play dough is
                                  a great language prompt.
      I slipped in a bit more literacy by adding a poem on the table.