Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spuds in Tubs 2012

We are taking part again this year in BC Agriculture in the Classroom 
project "Spuds in Tubs".
In March we planted our seed potatoes in a big black tub.
 There are 5 seeds in the tub and we measured to make sure that they were
10cm from the edge of the tub.
We watered them and set the tub in a sunny spot in our classroom
and waited for them to sprout.
 When they had sprouted and it was almost our Spring Break,
we moved them out to the greenhouse.
They grew much bigger over the break.
 One day we went out to see how they were growing
and drew pictures.
 We looked at the shape of the leaves and how many were on a plant.
We looked at the lines on each leaf and talked about how the leaves felt.
This child said they felt fuzzy and is drawing lots of little lines to show that.
We were proud to show each other what we drew so I decided
that we would show the whole school.

Today a teacher asked when the potatoes will be ready.
Before summer holidays, I said.
When we harvest them we will have a potato celebration with our 
big buddy class.