Friday, November 1, 2013

We’ve Been Planning

Some of our families have expressed that their children are interested in space.  I created a brain storming board and encouraged the grown ups to talk with their children to find out what they know about space.
           oct 24 070
                    Lots of ideas came out of the discussions.
                    Planets, stars, rockets were some of them.
oct 23 019 oct 24 068
           As the grown ups wrote ideas, the children drew.
oct 23 018 oct 24 073
         We now have plans for building a rocket to play in.
oct 24 071 oct 24 074
                          We'll include planets and stars.
            oct 24 075
       During our talks we came up with some questions and wonders.
 nov 1 001 nov 1 002
                This is our beginning.  Next step is to begin to build.