Monday, July 8, 2013

Magnets at the Easel

Have you visited Deborah Stewart’s blog Teach Preschool
        I follow it faithfully.  
She is very creative and is constantly thinking of new ways
to provide activities for the children in her care.
may 21 003 may 21 030
One activity that caught my eye was her magnetic easel
          and handiness with a glue gun.
may 23 008 may 23 007
My easels are wooden so, on them, I placed a metal bulletin board,
             from IKEA.  
Then I glued magnets to the back of milk jug caps and green tongue depressors.
may 27 031 may 27 032
The colour and shape of the milk jug lids lend themselves to building flowers.  
         Single or in a bouquet, they look beautiful.

What other ways have you used your easels?