Monday, February 10, 2014

Castle Flags

Looking through the many books, both fiction and non-fiction, that we have about castles we discovered that most castles have flags on them.
 jan 30 058 jan 30 011
We set to work to create flags using a simple triangle and paints.
jan 30 008 jan 30 009
The books were available for reference but the children free styled their own.
  jan 30 012 jan 30 054
         Designing many colourful flags with various shapes.
     jan 31 082 
          A few we attached to poles for the entrance. 
     jan 31 083
      The rest were placed on the walls behind the castle.

Castle Play Leads To…

          jan 30 015
The children have been playing in the castle for two weeks and almost everyday
                                     a new idea pops up.
      jan 28 038
Defending the castle from the bad guys is a big theme for a group of boys that come every Tuesday.  We already had swords and axes but I found a couple of sets of bow and arrows at the dollar store.   The children were instantly
                               interested in them.
                         jan 28 017
                         We created a target for shooting practice.
       jan 28 009 jan 28 029
Then started learning how to hold the bow and use the arrow.  The arrows have suction cups on the ends and luckily not very good ones so they don’t stick to
                                anything when they are shot.
     jan 28 056 jan 28 058
           It takes practice and determination to hold the two together. 
  I’m working on arranging a field trip to our local Fish and Game Club to see
                                  their archery area.

jan 27 052 jan 27 054 jan 27 056
                 A question arose from the bows and arrow play.
                 ‘How do you hold it and try to ride your horse?’
                         So we made a quiver at the art table.
      jan 27 057 jan 27 059
       With bow and arrows in the quiver and slung over their shoulder
                      lets them hold the horse with both hands.