Monday, December 10, 2012

All About Christmas Trees

dec 10 004
As the children entered the room today they found several different activities
about Christmas trees.

dec 10 021 dec 10 026
The first activity was decorating mini trees with mini ornaments.
This is a fun activity and is great for working on their fine motor. 
It takes patience and skill to loop the ornament over the end of the branches.

dec 10 019 dec 10 036
The next was found at the easel – sticky tree decorating.
I cut a tree from green tissue paper and mounted it on red paper
then covered it all with contact paper, sticky side out. 
In the tray the children found various shaped confetti and ribbons.

dec 10 042 dec 10 043
 At the art table we used the hammers and golf tees to hole punch paper trees
to hang in the window.
dec 10 016 dec 10 015
We’ve done this art before and it’s always popular. 
It’s easy to prep and looks great hanging in the window from both the inside
and outside.
          dec 10 039
This little girl took it a step farther and used the various shaped hole punches,
like snowflakes, gingerbread man and stars to decorate her tree.

We also hole punched tin stars.
dec 10 012 dec 10 013
I used a disposable tin tray to cut out the stars. 
After they punched holes or left marks on the star,
we strung fishing line and will use them to hang in the trees at Fairy Lane.

And finally…
         dec 10 008
A tree made from a garden tomato cage (upside down) wrapped
with green and red garland and twinkle lights. 
Available are candy canes to hang in the tree.