Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mousekin’s Golden House

This old story book was a new find for me this year.  I visited our school library
to see if it was on the shelf but I was too late.  One of our grade 1 teachers had
in her hand.  She told me it was her favourite book to read to her class this time
of year.  She let me borrow it so I could learn to tell it as an oral story with props. 
               oct 28 048
       I shared the story several different ways this past week. 

            oct 31 040
First I read the book to the children and grand friends during our
                     visit this past week.

    one  four
Then on Wednesday I attempted to tell the story to a group of young
          children at our last story time of the day.
      seven two
The story is a bit long for the age that was in the group and the group
had a difficult time sitting still, so I made it interactive.  Giving the
children a chance to move Mousekin in and out of the windows and
add feathers and cotton to the Golden House as needed during the story.

Finally I told it to the grade 1 class, after their teacher had read them
the book. 

               That was a better age for this story.
        eight nine
The story ends, with snow falling on the Golden House with
          Mousekin snug comfortably inside.

        nov 2 002
Mousekin’s Golden House is now in our school garden so we can
              watch it change through the winter.