Thursday, October 29, 2015

Indoor StoryWalk

I wanted to share the idea of a StoryWalk with other classes in my school so set one up in our school hallway.
Little Boo was a good choice because it incorporates Halloween and the life cycle of a pumpkin.  The bottom picture shows the set up of the StoryWalk.  The streamers connected the pictures like a pumpkin vine and I had hoped to add leaves and flowers. But it didn’t stay like that.  The tape we have to use on the walls isn’t strong enough to hold the laminate pictures.  After the first day the pictures had fallen a few times and needed to be reposted with more tape.  Finally they stayed.

The StoryWalk was enjoyed by several classes and peaked the interest of others as they walked to and from gym and music.
Our big buddies read the story to us, enjoying the pictures and modeling how to follow the words. I was told that the kindergarteners and their big buddies read it too.
          I caught this grade 2/3 class taking turns reading each page.
         Another time I heard our principal reading it to a student.
                He was able to read the word “Boo” each time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Light Table

                       room set up 2013 017
This year I changed the location of our light table.  Above is what it looked like in the past.  Our room has high ceilings and big windows so it is quite bright, making the light table less effective.
         IMG_8551 IMG_8560
At first I just moved it across the room, thinking away from the windows would be better but not so much.  Then I was given a refrigerator box and with help I turned the box inside out, cut a door in it and placed it around the table.
                                      So much better.
The bonus is that it’s more than just a light table, it’s a cozy hide away. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Bowls

This week we are going to play with slime and goop, and instead of putting it into the sensory table I decided to use our pumpkins.
I set the table with four silver plates with a half of pumpkin on each.  The children could use their hands if they wanted but I provided spoons to help scrape everything out.
By the end of the morning we were able to scrape them clean.  I took them home and soaked them in a vinegar and water mix in hopes that they will stay somewhat fresh all week.
                          Stay tuned for our goop and slime fun.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Corn Experiment

When we visited the Farm Market back in September I picked up this cob of decorative corn.  I wondered if it would sprout if it was left in some water.
                               Within three days it started.
The sprouts started underneath the cob, the part that was submersed in water,
                            grew around it and straight up.
Unfortunately the ends of cob started to mould so decided to plant it in the garden.
A parent suggested planting it in the greenhouse since it had already sprouted.
I wonder if it will continue to grow?  We will have to remember to water it.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Drip Painting


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lessons Learned from our Grandfriends This Week

                   Another great visit at the seniors home this week.
This week we met a new grandfriend, who is blind.  We learned what it means to see with our hands.  We learned that we need to talk about what we are doing.  We played a ‘what is it?’ game with Olive.  We handed her a toy and the children and I would give her clues while she touched it.  She was good at guessing.

This week we learned to slow down with each other.
We learned that our grand friends need time to ask questions, and need time to ask the questions again.  They need time to process the information they heard from those questions.  This is the same for our children. They will ask question after question and when we try to rush them to understand their reaction is the opposite to what we want or expect.  I'll try slowing down and offering them the same respect that I give to our seniors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Today was our monthly morning outdoors.  We went to Fairy Lane, our first visit for this school year.  The sun came out which made for a beautiful morning.
We started with a StoryWalk using the book Stella and the Fairy of the Forest by Marie-Louise Gay.  I cut two copies of the book to create the StoryWalk.  Luckily I found several copies at thrift stores.
I set it up zig-zagging down a paved path that runs between the forest.  Fairy Lane runs parallel to the path on the right hand side.
The group started to spread out as they read the book.  Some were faster then others.
At the end of the StoryWalk we turned left into the forest.  I asked everyone to collect big sticks to make a fort for us to sit in for snack.  I also asked them to collect little sticks to make fairy forts later.
               Collecting sticks, a favourite activity, is usually discouraged.
  The parents didn’t realize, at first, that we needed long sticks to make the fort.
The base of the fort was a big branch of a tree that was hanging down to the ground.  We leaned some of the sticks around it then draped fabric over.
The children helped clear away the underbrush so we could spread our sit-upons.
As we were clearing away the leaves we found a piece of bark with teeny
                           mushrooms and two different slugs.
While the children had their snack I read the story The Dark, Dark Night by M. Christina Butler.  I picked this book knowing that the sun would be out and we could play with shadows.
After snack we headed back up to the start of the paved path to decorate little
                           wooden houses to add to Fairy Lane.
I walked the trail after the children and found their little homes tucked in with
                                        the other fairy doors.
                  I also found a twig fort built beside a fairy door.
We had lots of time to check out all the homes that have been added since
                            June when Fairy Lane re-opened.
                           I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.
It was a gorgeous autumn morning spent in the woods, introducing Fairy Lane
                                to many new families.
            One more peek at our forest fort before I take it apart.