Wednesday, September 5, 2012


sept 5 017
We have started the year focused on boats. 
We live on an island, boats are part of life.
aug 30 004
This table is set up as the first thing families see when they enter the classroom. 
 I wanted to see if there was enough interest for boats to become a project.
sept 4, 2012 031
Every child that entered the room stopped to play.
Some were focused just on the boats and others liked the little blue ceramic fish.
sept 5 019
So this week we will be using different materials to make boats.
Today the children were provided with corks, toothpicks, string, paper, string, plastercine.
I was happy to see the families feeling comfortable enough to use anything they wanted on the shelves.  Some added beads to their boats, while others use toilet paper tubes to extend their play.
sept 5 028
They were very excited with the results.
sept 5 071sept 5 072sept 5 073
We extended our play to the water table. 
Will our cork boats float?
Yes and no.
What we learned about using paper for the sail? 
When it gets wet it droops and pulls the boat over.