Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Family Tree Group Project

   march 14 052 march 14 053
Nicole set up this Family Tree project so families could share and
learn about each other.
      march 14 027
She introduced it during circle time, explaining that the project
 would be set up for the next several days and familes could
participate when they had an opportunity.
march 14 024 march 14 040
It didn’t take long for the children to start drawing the different
members in their families.
 march 14 036  march 14 037
They were also encouraged to write the names of each family
            march 20 086
Now we have this beautiful tree decorating our wall.
Thanks Nicole for another wonderful project.

An interesting conversation arose after this project was started.
We were singing a traditional song about families.
It goes like this...
"Come a' look a' see here's my mama
Come a' look a' see here's my papa
Come a' look a' see my brother tall
Sister, baby,
I love them all."

Because families come in all different shapes and sizes now,
how would you change this song to make it more inclusive?