Friday, April 15, 2011

Group Project - String Eggs

All week the children and their grown up have had the opportunity to get sticky.

We have been building string eggs. 
What fun to stick your hand in a bowl full of glue.

Then trying to maneuver the string around a floating balloon.  Not as easy as it looks.

 We made one per day.  They dried overnight and we were able to pop the balloons in the morning.  It was fun to watch and listen to the balloon shrivel inside the string.

I cut away some of the string to make a window.  Then slipped in some Easter grass and this little duck-wanna-be-bunny.
This craft has been around since I was a little girl but it amazes me when I encounter someone who hasn't seen it before.  That happen quite often this week.  I think a few families will be trying this simple craft at home.


  1. So pretty! I'm so glad I stumble upon your blog. :) You do amazing things with those little guys. :)

  2. I never saw this either! I just blew up a bunch of balloons for a movement activity so I think I will use them after for this.