Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalk Salt Painting

I thought I would do coloured sand painting but our sand is a little too dark and a little too gritty.  
Not the nice white beach sand.  
So I substituted salt and the children grate sidewalk chalk to add the colour.
After mixing the chalk dust into the salt the painting began.
We used diluted white glue for the liquid to adhere the coloured salt to the paper.
This little girl used the grater to spread the coloured salt on her paper.
I thought it was inventive.
There were a few that just liked the feel of the salt.
It was a busy table with wonderful results.


  1. I also do this every year, but I use powdered tempera with the salt and then put them in salt shakers. It is a nice touch to have the children make the colored salt with the chalk

  2. Thanks Tom, It was great to see the colour become darker when it got wet. The texture of the salt when it became wet intrigued them too as they kept mixing it around on the paper.