Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday’s Walk in the Woods

This week while we walked in the woods we hunted for leaves.
oct 3 039 oct 3 042
I had previously took a walk through the woods collecting leaves.
Took them home, pressed them before laminating them on to cards.
oct 3 037 oct 3 051
The children were very intent on finding their leaf.
Once they found a leaf they’d place it on the card to see if it matched.
We looked for comparisons and talked about the shapes, size and colour.
oct 3 055 oct 3 057
Sometimes we’d find a leaf that had the same shape but it still looked different.  The colour had changed or it was curled or was missing a few pieces. 
Was it still the same kind of leaf?
         oct 3 044
We ended at the big rock. 
They love to climb and slide on it as much as they like to play at the playground.

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