Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When Play Dough Goes Wrong

     feb 12 008
  Valentines and chocolate, for me, go hand in hand. 
      feb 13 060
I don’t often make chocolate play dough but I love
the response from the children and the grown ups
when I do.
        feb 13 061
The chocolate play dough draws a lot of people to that
play area.  You can’t see it in the above picture but the
grown ups are sitting in the back ground inhaling the aroma
(wishing that it was real chocolate, I think).
    feb 13 063
But what do you do when the play dough turns sticky? 
This isn’t my usual recipe and unfortunately I didn’t read
through the recipe before making it. 
     feb 13 062
So to fix the sticky problem I could have thrown it out but
instead I put a bowl of flour on the table for the children to
knead into the dough. 

Wow, it so added to their play experience.  They were baking
and sharing stories about making Valentine cookies at home.
A very positive solution to a sticky situation.

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