Saturday, April 14, 2018

Another Cardboard Box

Last month I noticed that my grand daughter was beginning to enjoy pretend play.
When reading a book about food I would pretend to eat it and she thought that was funny.
I thought it would be fun to see what she would do with her own play food so decided to make a kitchen.
I used a diaper box and turned it inside out.
For the sink I found a food container from their kitchen, traced the bottom
and cut out the hole for it to fit in.
Next I added some dishes and she was off,
stirring her imaginary drink.
For the stove top I simply drew circles.
Mom made some tea to share.
The little one is watching and taking it all in.
An oven was made by cutting a door in the front.
One thing her parents commented on was that she was trying to turn the knobs on their gas stove in the kitchen so I found some little knobs and her dad screwed them on to the front.
Now when she touches with the real stove her parents direct her to her own stove.
I brought some little pots and pans, as well as some felt food to add to the play.
And finally I printed a picture of cookies baking and taped it on the inside of the oven door.
Her mom had made a comment that it is often difficult to make dinner because the little one wants to be with her (and usually hangs on to her legs).
So I suggested moving the card board kitchen into their kitchen so she could stay busy.
It worked great.
Especially when mom joined in the fun.
 Happy cooking!

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